Moomkin Successful Year in Review and Plans for 2014!



Its been awhile since we last communicated as we try our best to let you stay productive but we hope you can spend few mintues to read this exciting overview. As always, we want to keep it brief and straight to the point.

Below you will find some of the biggest accomplishments we’ve achieved this year:

Launched the following Platform features

- Premium-Recruiter: our most innovative solutions for Recruiters
- Webinars and Online Conferencing
- Universities Module
- Premium-Company pages
- Premium-Job Seeker: features to streamline job search and increase results
- Premium Groups
- Re-factored our Search to be faster and smarter
- Corporate website with everything About Us

This year has been also very productive in terms of securing new Partnerships.  We have signed agreements with many top companies, few worth mentioning:

- IAB – International Academy of Business
- Bolashak
- ANCOR Recruitment

We are over 200K users by the end of the year (this growth has been 100% organic, meaning that we did not spend resources on marketing, which proves the value of our resource).

2014 Year proves to be very exciting and we have some aggressive plans:

- Hit 2MM users
- Launch our Marketing Campaigns. Our Marketing Plan includes 7 clearly defined strategies.
- Monetization is an important element and we plan on hiring a full team of Account Managers and Sales staff. They will be focused on our Premium features.
- Android and iOS Mobile Application
- Open Astana office (stay tuned, lots of exciting Job opportunities will be soon announced)

We would like to wish you a Happy New Year and much more to come in the 2014!

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