Strategic Partnership Agreement between and RFCA Academy

Leaders of respective industries: and RFCA Academy signed strategic partnership agreement.

RFCA Academy – finance and management business school focused on training professionals capable of making financially valid and justified decisions and bearing responsibility for what they spend and what they earn and profit from business.

Strategic direction of this partnership is focused on creating opportunities for professionals of Kazakhstan. Top managers at RFCA Academy possess robust experience in business education, development and business growth. In turn, is an online platform for professionals which provides solutions for effective collaboration, communication and professional development.

Both organizations will support each other in respective initiatives to contribute to the professional development of Kazakhstan by various means. Part of the agreement includes such initiatives as: joint organization of professional events and conferences, collaboration on creating business materials for publication and many other objectives.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ – professional social network and cloud-based HR solutions for organizations of Kazakhstan.

RFCA Academy– finance and management business school of Kazakhstan.

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