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4-8-2014 12-43-54 PM

How to Go From Startup Idea to $4 Million in Valuation in Less than Two Years While Having a Full Time Job.

Post on Under30CEO about the early days of The article covers the story of our start, the challenges that we encountered and the process of finding and pitching to … Читать все

9-25-2013 2-23-27 PM

Interview with the Founder for “Business & Power” Magazine

Our President and Founder recently gave candid interview to Business & Power magazine. The interview focuses on current strategy of the company, plans for expansion and rollout in new markets, … Читать все


Online Partnership – interview for BusinessLife magazine.

Our Founders gave an interview to BusinessLife magazine. BusinessLife magazine is one of the most respected print publications in Central Asia. Interview covers important aspects of the company such as … Читать все

9-26-2013 7-27-03 AM

Platform for Opportunities – interview for Forbes magazine.

Our Founders gave an interview to Forbes magazine about the initial launch of the platform. The interview covers important aspects of the company launch from its initiation to closed beta … Читать все

9-26-2013 7-40-43 AM

IdeaMensch – Interview with Yenlik Baimukhanbetova.

Yenlik Baimukhanbetova is the founder of, the fastest growing social network for professionals in Central Asia. is a localized service that focuses on the local needs of the … Читать все

9-26-2013 7-51-59 AM

Queen of Networking

This publication covers an in-depth look into the story behind the idea to create the most popular and most valuable network for professionals of the emerging markets of Central Asia. … Читать все

9-26-2013 8-42-22 AM

Celebrities don’t ride in Metro.

This is a blog post by one of the most followed bloggers in Kaznet. He frequently blogs about online resources and social networks. His post breaks down the features of … Читать все